What a LOVE!

What is the craziest you can ever do to show someone how you love them? Someone who doesn’t even know you, who doesn’t even care and who ignores you always? Someone who keeps rejecting you and never appreciates your presence in their lives? How far can you go to show such kind of a person that you love them?
This is the exact position God was with human beings. Beings that kept rejecting Him and kept ignoring the fact that He so loved them and always wanted the best for them. Us who live in this day and age didn’t even know Him in the first place because we didn’t even exist physically.
But God in His unconditional love He went as far as giving out His only Son Jesus to die on behalf of everyone. Above all things He chose death of His son as a show of love to us. Yet still this has never gotten into our heads after God doing all that for us.
We still live as though nothing ever happened; as though there is no God at all. We still reject and disobey Him, forgetting that He loves us more than anything else. Sometimes we ignore Him when He calls us thinking that we’re doing ourselves a favor, only to realize that He is just trying to take care of us.

All that God wants is a heart after Him. A heart that acknowledges He is God; just a heart that submits to Him even when what He says doesn’t seem to make sense. A heart that worships Him in truth and in spirit, and a heart that is not ashamed of Him. He wants us just to make Him the Lord of our lives that we do everything just as He wants it done. He wants a heart that is after His own heart, one that just loves Him more and more each day.

Choose to have that kind of heart today and your life will never be the same again. He has so much in store for you and me that is able to sustain us forever and ever. Choose God and choose life unending; choose God and see what He can do with your life.

God be with you as you make that decision today.


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