I came across this verse and it mademe have so many thoughts in me about what it really means.
Isaiah 55:6, “Seek the Lord while He may be found. Call upon Him while He is near.”
My goodness! So a time will come when all the time we may have now to seek God will be no more? And so does this means that we may be having the hunger and thirst to pray, worship, praise, live for God and serve Him when that time comes but it will be too late?
This should raise an alarm to every believer and non-believer.
Sometimes we feel too lazy to pray,too hungry to fast, too tired to serve God, too selfish to give and too proud or burdened to worship God in truth and spirit. But the word of God in Romans 12:21 reminds us that the only way we can overcome evil is by doing good. All these feelings are evil, and so it’s always you to either follow your feelings or overcome them by doing the opposite. Anytime and everytime you may have, seek to spend it with God; at work, in class,when walking down the road, in thematatu, when hanging out, in bed..I mean everytime make it a habit to be Christ-conscious for a time will come when that time will be no more.
Take this seriously as though you depend on it to live, and of course it’s true we all do.
Isaiah 55:6, “Seek God while He maybe found. Call upon Him while He is near.”